Multi-skilled Maintenance Technician


What does your factory smell like? Stay with me… If it doesn’t smell like chocolate, then maybe you’re in the wrong job. Imagine that smell every day. Your job is hard. Time is of the essence here,…


Senior Project Manager – Events


What does Mary Berry and events project management have in common? Not much, we’ll give you that. But, just like on the Bake Off, you’re going to be used to having show stopping ideas and want your…

£33,000 - £38,000

Marketing Manager


Tired of jumping through hoops?   Here you’ll get total ownership of the full marketing mix. No hoops.   You’ll be able to pick up support from the Managing and Creative Directors where needed, but you know…

£40,000 - £50,000

Regional Sales Manager – The North (Including Scotland)

The North (Including Scotland)

Where is your company going? Ideally, it’ll be somewhere exciting. Every business can claim to be exciting, so much so that the word often loses impact. But when you’re launching a new site every couple of days…


Project Executive (General Events)


Shaken or stirred? We all know how James Bond likes his, but he’s been to enough gala dinners and high-profile events to know exactly what he’s looking for. You’ll be the same. You’ve got your expectations and…

£21,000 - £26,000

Business Analyst


See things that others can’t, like that kid from Sixth Sense? Are you bored of generating the same reports, week in, week out, which just highlight the suggestions you’ve made haven’t been implemented. How annoying is that?…


Events Account Director


Remember the last event you went to that blew your mind? The attention to detail, the timing, that one moment that gave you that wow factor. Sometimes you go places and attend events that are like nothing…


Digital Marketing Manager

Chipping Norton

Every office is different. Some are busy, loud and attract similar people. Some are slower, quieter and a match for the softer spoken. Some are calm. That’s what this one is. By name and design. With a…

£35,000 - £40,000

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