Customer Service & Sales Advisor


Risk takers are overrated. Sure, extreme sports and cage diving have their place if you want an adrenalin rush, but it’s also nice to be in your comfort zone from time to time. Whatever the preference, there…

£18,000 to £22,000

Maintenance Technician


Are you a serial fixer? You like things to run smoothly, so you make sure you’re front and centre to help out if something has gone wrong or needs tweaking. Manufacturing plants live and die by an…

£47,250 to £54,180

Demand Generation Executive


You can just be in any situation and find someone to talk to or something to talk about. Let’s be honest – you don’t always know what you’re on about, but you can hold a conversation and…

£22,000 - £35,000

Electrical Systems Engineer


Do you remember the first time you fixed something? That feeling of accomplishment you felt when you realised you could mend and improve things for people to use in their everyday lives? Imagine being part of a…

£45,000 to £55,000

Quality Systems Co-ordinator


What does your factory smell like? Stay with me… If it doesn’t smell like chocolate, then maybe you’re in the wrong job.  Imagine that smell every day. Like variety in life?  Great, as no two days are…


Business Development Director


Any company worth its salt has a strong business development team. It’s hard to create. A lot of people don’t like working in Sales, and often it’s no surprise. There’s a slight stigma attached to it but…

Disclosed in conversation

Digital Display Technician / Emerging Tech Guru


INNOVATIVE – GROUNDBREAKING – MARKET DISRUPTING LEADER … These word and phrases are banded about so much that do they actually mean anything anymore?? Well the answer to that is simple……. Are you working for a company…

£40,000 - £45,000

Sales Manager – FO Mobile Comms Industry

United Kingdom

How did you learn to sell? Does it come naturally, or did you have to work tirelessly to perfect the craft? Either way you’re now at the top of your game and you can back this up…

£47,000 + 30% OTE

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