Female GP for wellness resort in Qatar

Doha, Qatar

General Physician for wellness resort in Qatar Are you a Medical Doctor who is tired of dark and dreary rainy days? And who wants to live and work on the beach, bathed in sunshine and work at…

To be discussed on interview

Middleweight 3D Designer


Fed up of being given someone else’s design concepts to “bring to life”? When you’re not there from start to finish, things can get a little lost in translation and you can find yourself making more edits…

£27,000 - £32,000

Project Manager – Events


Are your events the knickerbocker glory with an extra cherry type events, or a vanilla ice cream without the pods? Sometimes it’s alright to be confident in your abilities. When you put on an event, your clients…

£27,000 - £33,000

Senior Project Manager


What do Mary Berry and events project management have in common? Not much, we’ll give you that. But, just like on the Bake Off, you’re going to be used to having show stopping ideas and want your…

£33,000 - £37,000

Account Director


Remember the last event you went to that blew your mind? The attention to detail, the timing, that one moment that gave you that wow factor. Sometimes you go places and attend events that are like nothing…


Project Executive – Events


Shaken or stirred? We all know how James Bond likes his, but he’s been to enough gala dinners and high-profile events to know exactly what he’s looking for. You’ll be the same. You’ve got your expectations and…

£21,000 - £26,000

Creative Manager


Banksy, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Roy Lichtenstein, Picasso. Who do you fancy yourself as more?   If you resonate with any famous artists, then you must have an interest in art and have a creative streak.…


Training and HR Administrator


What does your office smell like? Stay with us… If it doesn’t smell like cocoa, then maybe you’re in the wrong job. Imagine a chocolatey aroma every day… what’s not to love? You won’t be on the…

£18,000 - £20,000

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