Senior PPC Specialist (Microsoft Ads)

Location: Greater London

Salary: Competitive

Industry: Digital

Job posted: 03/09/2019

Type: Full-time

Are you falling behind with best practices and knowledge of the Digital Marketing Industry?

Maybe you feel that you’ve stopped learning, or you’re not being pushed to keep up with the quickly changing digital world?

You’ll work with other people who want to keep improving. You’ll get time on a Friday dedicated to learning, and sharing ideas and knowledge.

You’ll also get a personal funding allowance of £500 which you can put towards training and courses for yourself.

This agency are thinking of new ways to stay ahead of their competitors and have been recognised for doing so. They’re a Premier Partner, but a bit different from the other 50,000.

In fact, they’re the only Premier Partner who can say they’ve won an award for 3 consecutive years.

You’ll need to be someone who has experience in PPC, using both Google and Microsoft (Bing) Ads. You’ll be working with the Senior Team to drive the  Microsoft Ads business, and will be the main point of contact for Microsoft.

You’ll be kept busy whilst you’re at work, but your downtime is important too. You shouldn’t want to work around the clock, and you won’t be expected to.

Gone are the days of the 9 – 5 shifts. If you need to start later than that, you can – or maybe you want to skip the traffic? Come in earlier and leave earlier. Once you’ve passed your probation you can work from home once a week, too.

You’ll get a genuinely competitive salary and a number of other benefits which I can tell you more about on the phone.

Let’s have a chat about it. Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn (Dominic Blossom), or you can send me your CV if you have one ( If you’re a talker, my number is on the OX Seven website.




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