Wholesale Coordinator

Location: Banbury

Salary: £24,000

Industry: Sales

Job posted: 06/11/2019

Type: Full-time

Remember the 1st time you traded something on the playground?

You really wanted what the other person had, but they were not letting it go easily. So, you used your knowledge of what they wanted and gave them a deal that they couldn’t turn down.

That feeling of achievement holding the special Charizard card in your hands just can’t be topped. Can you tell mine was Pokémon Cards?

Being able to combine that personable, chatty nature of yours, with your interest in marketing and sales will help you find opportunities to grow the business of this fashion brand. And coming from a sales background, you will have the experience with B2B sales and hunting for new accounts.

You’ll be organised enough to make showroom visits, make/monitor appointments and have time left to give feedback from your clients about any products to help push development.

But for who?

You’ll be joining a company that has grown continuously and even doubled their headcount in 2018. They want to become one of the biggest fashion brands across the globe and have people who want to help them on that journey.

You’ll have a salary of £24,000 – £25,000 and with that, you’ll never be stuck for a present again with their tremendous staff discount. Your holiday will begin at 25 days, but with each anniversary you’ll get an extra day up until 33.

Ready to start trading treasures? Then let’s have a chat about it.

Send me a connection invite and a message on LinkedIn (Meg Jackson), or you can send me your CV through the portal or to my email. If you’re a talker, my number is on the website.



01608 670530

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