Wholesale Coordinator

Location: Chipping Norton

Salary: £22,000 - £25,000

Industry: Sales

Job posted: 28/04/2020

Type: Full-time

Do you enjoy being the first to something? A deal maybe?

How about being first on the ground to the arm of a brand new company?

They import a variety of goods from outside of the EU, which can range from PPE, to advanced electrical toys. The goods travel through a number of different customs before arriving at the warehouse in Oxfordshire/Gloucestershire.

You will be overseeing the entirety of this process, from stock procurement, import papers to organising into the warehouse and then out again through sales.

Being the first on the ground, your responsibility is wide with you driving the growth and success of the company. At the moment, there is no one else to delegate to – you will be assuming a lot of different tasks to make the business successful.

This will require a multitude of skills; analytical, communication, negotiation, business development, organisational and good old fashioned hard graft.

A lot of your time will be spent in the lovely Oxfordshire office, just outside of Chipping Norton. But you will not be chained to this desk, you will be travelling to the warehouse (under a 5 minute drive) and also out seeing clients, brokering deals.

Having an appreciation and knowledge of basic web packages will be very helpful, as you will be in charge of listing and marketing the products as they come in. This will require organisational skills, as well as project planning – as you will have to get them on to the website at the right time.

This role is probably going to suit someone who has graduated in the last few years, and is looking for their next job.

It does sound like we’re asking a lot, but you also get a lot in return as well. Some things you can put a price on, some you can not.

Firstly, the salary is between £22,000 and £25,000 with a range of other benefits.

You will be working with an extremely and accomplished business person who you will learn huge amounts from on a daily basis – this kind of thing is often overstated, but in this case it is definitely not (I’d be happy to explain why in a call).

This is a newly formed role so we do expect to form elements of it around the individual, so it would be great to speak to you, even if you do not have a CV (we can work on that together).



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