Chances are if you’re reading this then you’re either:

A – a Recruitment Consultant checking out the very handsome competition.

B – looking for a new job but killing some time on the other tabs.

C – lost, confused, and expecting a dating site.

If you answered A to the above, you might want to stick about on this page a little bit longer. It might get a little ‘we, we, we’, but in a twisted way, it’s all about you. Which it should be, because you’re great *chef’s kiss*.

The last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic have probably been a bit of an eye-opener. You’re now being forced to work from home (finally) and finding a way to do things that work for you. You’ve questioned to yourself least seventy times why you weren’t able to do that in the first place, or why when it’s safe to, you’ve got to go back to the office?

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve had that since day one. It’s important to us to have that flexibility with how we do things here.

Why should you use annual leave to wait for the Sky man to repair your dish? Why be chained to a desk 9am – 5pm, Monday Friday? Why is there a ketchup stain on your jumper? You washed it yesterday. It just makes no sense.

What does make sense is to be treated like the adult you are. And, if you are successful in what you do, chances are you can be trusted to do it from anywhere (sometimes we do it from the bath) and rewarded as such.

We want to create a new network of consultants. Those who want to be part of something different but want to stay in control of their life and not spend so much money on petrol.

What you get:

Access to our really blooming great infrastructure, which includes: Vincere, Cloudcall, Odro, LogicMelon, Mollie Adams LinkedIn Celebrity (for help with your adverts, candidate briefs, and content advice – Will added the celebrity bit), a dedicated resourcer, LinkedIn RPS license and some other good things, too.

No KPI’s. No targets. No start or finish times.

Although you won’t be chained to a desk in the office, we want you to feel part of the team and part of the culture, so you will be invited to socials, ongoing training (of which there is plenty) and incentive rewards days.

The commercials we can discuss, but you can expect to receive between 75% and 80% of everything you bill. Oh, and you can be paid your billings within 5 days, as we factor our invoices (obviously this will depend on the rebates you agree with clients, we’re not animals).

We’re building this network far and wide with Consultants who are at the top of their game.

If you want to hear more, give Will a shout.


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