Let’s face it, if you’ve been to any other Rec2Rec sites before coming here, you’ll have noticed they all boast about having 20 years in the industry, taking the time to ‘reallllly get to know our clients’ and representing ‘the best 1% in the industry’.

But 20 years ago, Facebook wasn’t invented, everyone had Nokias and Avril Lavigne was releasing Sk8r Boi. So it’s fair to say, a lot has changed in 20 years and a lot less is relevant.

Including the way recruitment should be done.

The Rec2Rec sector is one of the most maligned sectors out there (and from our experience, often for good reason), and we think we can do better than most out there.

We have 3 core pillars of what we do:

1. We must take a brief

2. We must earn our fee

3. We back ourselves with a 100% rebate

We’re not saying we’re re-inventing the wheel, or being complete disruptors – we’re just going to do things right in a sector we love.

Contact Danny B on 01865 956 745 or go straight to his diary here: Danny B Diary  to find out more or to have a chat about your recruitment needs


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