If you use recruitment agencies and you’re open to an alternative to traditional, contingent or retained methods, this may be one for you to consider.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is, in its simplest terms, outsourcing your recruitment function entirely.

It makes your life easier and your invoices smaller.

You get to leverage the infrastructure that we have. Our delivery, network, and expertise whilst only paying a transparent and fixed monthly price for it.

No more time spent back and forth on your recruitment. You can get on with what you do best, and we can focus on what we do best.

You will have an OX Seven consultant on-site working alongside you. Sat in your office, managing the entirety of your recruitment process and involving themselves in the coffee rounds.

Sourcing candidates (passive and active) – we use every major job board database and each consultant has LI premium. We have a Content Manager to ensure all adverts will attract the best possible people, even those who aren’t actively looking for a new job. It’s no easy task, that. But we manage it.

Continual talent pooling.

Coordinating and running the interview process (how often do you lose candidates because of the prolonged interview process?).

Ensuring compliance of new starters and taking the burden off stretched HR departments.

Onboarding and training of new starters – increasing initial engagement and productivity for new starters means they’re way more likely to invest time back into you.

Continuous marketing monitoring – we keep you abreast of what your competitors are doing from an employment and remuneration perspective.

You’ll know that when you’re scaling a business, controlling the recruitment costs incurred can be a challenge. A poor recruitment strategy can be detrimental to your retention, your employer branding, and your investment.

You will be sat with a recruitment expert who immerses themselves into your culture, absorbs knowledge and nuances to position you as an employer of choice. Meaning you won’t need to employ a permanent member of the team and incur the vast costs which come along with the right systems and advertising.

You won’t have any unexpected fees, nor will you face difficulty if you need to use the rebate period. You’ll be given an extremely transparent and simple pricing strategy, with one monthly price including unlimited perm hires, unlimited rebates and fixed-term contract options.

For a case study on how we have made this work for other businesses, contact Adam Williams on adam@ox-seven.com or call 01865 956742


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