Co-Founder and RPO Contract Manager

      Adam is now an industry veteran, and has one of the best reputations in the industry (just read some of his testimonials).

      He is currently managing a high value RPO contract and is embedded in to the client.

      He studied film at university and would absolutely pummel anyone in a movie trivia quiz. If you say, ‘that reminds me of a film’ – best believe Adam will come at you with the title, director and box office first week takings
      within 5 seconds, even if you didn’t know the name yourself.

      We often like to play “guess the year” off the office Sonos. Along with film knowledge, he is a dead cert for telling you when any song came out. Like really, any song. You name it, he knows it.

      Outside of work Adam has a beautiful young family and he moonlights as a prince charming lookalike at hen parties. Like most dad lads, he loves a game of football… Adam supports Leeds United – again following his Brackley roots.


    Danny Beecher


      Danny B loves meat. Hates veg. That’s basically all you need to know.

      He works the Rec2Rec market and has quickly established himself as one of the leading lights in what can be a dark and murky sector.

      Dan is proud to be one of the only Rec2Rec’s in the country who offers a full 100% rebate with his placements.


    Will Grashoff

    Managing Director

      Will is a passionate advocate of the recruitment profession. Dedicated to doing things the right way and building meaningful partnerships with clients.

      If you’re struggling to imagine the dynamic he pushes for the office, think David Brent from Brackley meets Cotswold Chic, and then you’re probably 87% there. It’s weird, but it works.

      He is regularly asked to contribute to industry publications and is slowly becoming a well respected, key opinion leader in the recruitment industry. Slowly, but surely.

      Outside of work he lives in a female-dominated environment with 3 divas bossing him around. However, in 2019 baby Arthur was born and re-addressed that balance. Will cannot wait to take his kids to football games, so they too can follow their dads South Northamptonshire roots and support Man United.



    Legal Specialist

      Carly is a law graduate having achieved an extremely impressive grade (despite running a house with 3 naughty children – 4 if you include Will).

      She also has a background working in professional service firms, so has a great grasp on what does and doesn’t work when it comes to placing the right people in to the right culture.

      Carly only works a handful of roles at a time, so you can rest assured you’ll be well looked after.


    Adam Woollard

    Head of Content

      Adam ‘Shuffle T’ Woollard is our in-house content creator. A title he doesn’t love. He prefers Visual Architect or imagination Innovator. He writes and creates our video social media content and also helps with client and customer-facing copy.

      He’s a performer, writer, comedian and presenter who’s spent his life trying to get away with messing around for a living. So far, so successful.

      He’s also a rap battler and spends his weekends performing around the country under the name Shuffle T.

      Outside of “work”, Adam hosts a panel show called Sounds Like, makes sketches and music. All are rubbish, but he’s proud, bless him. If you see him or any of us in sketches, we’re having as much fun as it looks like we are.



    Recruitment Consultant

      My purpose is to give all stakeholders the best possible service;

      For candidates it means giving them the best possible chance of getting a job.

      For clients, it means giving them the best available candidates on the market.

      I have a background working in challenging, demanding positions where precision on delivery is crucial. Through this I have developed outstanding communications, organisation and most importantly, listening skills.

      So why recruitment? Josh loves chatting to people and want to be a part of getting you from where you are to where you want to be. Cheesey? Sure, but what’s better than being a part of someone’s excitement in taking a new career (cricket).

      Outside of work, Josh is a huge football and cricket fan – hosting a weekly podcast on cricket!


    Beth McGeachie

    Transport & Logistics

      I’m Beth, a Senior Recruitment Consultant with a passion for connecting talent with opportunity.

      Over the years, I’ve navigated the dynamic world of recruitment, and have been privileged in helping skilled individuals find their dream jobs while assisting top-notch companies in securing the talent they need to thrive!

      I’ve honed my skills in talent acquisition, fostering connections, and staying on top of industry trends and establishing myself as a key opinion leader in the world of transport and logistics.



    Richard Lambert

    Financial Services



    Event Recruitment Consultant

      Sammy now works with sister company YOU Exclusive, you can find her here: YOU Exclusive


Work with us

We’re always looking to add to our team. What we’re trying to create here can only be possible if we have like-minded people with fresh ideas.

We have two very important interlinking missions:

‘To change the perception of recruitment agencies’


‘To shape the way employers treat employees’

In a nutshell, we want to change the employers’ view of their relationship with Recruiters and we want a long line of people who want to work with us, because of the environment which has been created. Why wouldn’t you?

We are yet to find another agency who offer a better commission plan than we do:

15% of everything up to £10k billed (after threshold).

20% of everything billed £10k – to £20k.

50% of everything billed above £20k.

Your base salary will be anything from £20k up to £40k, depending on experience.

There is complete flexible working. You’re contracted to 40 hours a week. You start and finish the day when you want.

Like hitting the gym in the morning? Cool, just come in after (you have showered) and do your day. Complete flexibility. Oh, and we also have unlimited holiday and finish at 12.30 every Friday.

If you can see yourself amongst the team, want to work somewhere grown-up (in culture, not in humour) and you have the confidence to play something questionable on the Sonos and own up to it then we’d love to hear from you.

You can send an email to will@ox-seven.com, call him on 01865 956742 or find him on LinkedIn.

It strokes his ego.


“This is the second best place I’ve ever worked” Will Grashoff, Managing Director.

“I probably wouldn’t want to work anywhere else” Mollie Adams, Content Manager (left in Oct 2020).

“There is no way you are getting a quote from me for the website” Adam Williams, Co-Founder and RPO Contract Manager.