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Will - Managing Director

Will is a passionate advocate of the recruitment profession. Dedicated to doing things the right way and building meaningful partnerships with clients.

If you’re struggling to imagine the dynamic he pushes for the office, think David Brent from Brackley meets Cotswold Chic, and then you’re probably 87% there. It’s weird, but it works.

He hates anything corporate and recently burned all his suit trousers and ties in a weird cleansing ritual in his back garden. The neighbours complained and he was cautioned, but he would do it again if he had to.

Outside of work he lives in a female-dominated environment with 3 divas bossing him around. Fear not, 2019 will bring him the boy child he one day hoped for. Will cannot wait to take his son to football games, so he too can follow his dads South Northamptonshire roots and support Man United.


Adam - Technical & Engineering Consultant

Adam was a relative newcomer to the industry, but not to life. It’s a shame that he’s the oldest in the office, because he’s a really nice guy but he just doesn’t hear the end of it.

He studied film at university and would absolutely pummel anyone in a movie trivia quiz. If you say, ‘that reminds me of a film’ – best believe Adam will come at you with the title, director and box office first week takings within 5 seconds, even if you didn’t know the name yourself.

Outside of work Adam has a beautiful young family and he moonlights as a prince charming lookalike at hen parties. Like most dad lads, he loves a game of football… Adam supports Leeds United – again following his Brackley roots.


Mollie - Head of Content

Mollie used to be our hospitality recruitment consultant, now she writes about it.

Turns out, at 25, she realised she quite enjoys writing. If only she knew that when she was supposed to be doing her English Language A level coursework.

Unfortunately, Mollie suffers from RBF (it’s the downwards resting mouth thing). But don’t be fooled, she is actually quite nice when you get to know her.

Outside of work, Mollie loves dogs. This paragraph used to say she doesn’t have one yet, but now she does. Regrettably, she picked a mental Border Collie who doesn’t chill out, but never mind, you can’t win them all. She has fully embraced the Cotswold life by getting her dog a tweed collar and taking it for countryside walks with her husband John Stones.

*She isn’t really married to John Stones – her husband just looks well like him.


Dom - Digital & Creative Consultant

#DigiDom is one of the most driven people you will ever meet. He has a master’s degree in athletic development and peak performance… I know, sounds tiring.

Dom comes from working for various professional sports but wanted to change his direction to something where he can help more people and have a lay in on Saturday. As you can imagine from someone who spent many years studying how to be fit, he is a gym fanatic and often likened to a miniature version of Anthony Joshua. Swoon.

Dom lives in a flash man pad, lifts loads of proper heavy weights in his home gym and preps meals like there is no tomorrow*. He also falls off his bike regularly and is a sucker for the middle aisle in Lidl.

* Not a great phrase, he actually preps them like there are 5 tomorrows, and they all involve eating rice and veg.


Ainsley - IT & Cybersecurity Consultant

Ainsley is a Yorkshire lass with a penchant for a well brewed tea, cakes and dogs.

Ainsley heads up our IT & Cybersecurity sector, having spent the last 12 months immersing herself in the industry. She has only ever fallen for the emails off the Prince of Namibia’s lawyer once, and to be fair, he was really convincing in his argument.

With her wealth of IT knowledge, comes a sharp brain. She is the official office acronym decoder. She often finds herself consoling the other consultants when they receive TL;DR from Will when looking for advice and guidance.

She despises middle lane drivers (don’t we all), loves The Thick of It and was named after TV chef Ainsley Harriott. But don’t call her that… she looks sweet, but has a solid right hook.

On the topic of tea, Ainsley drinks approximately 12 cups during office hours*. You can take the girl out of Bradford…

* a wild, and potentially county-ist guess


Veronica - Health & Wellness Consultant

Also known as Ronnie. This was something quickly discussed on her first day as she has four syllables, but we can usually only manage two max.

Veronica has three cats, two dogs and two children (in no particular order, honestly) and a 14th century house that is mid renovation… we’re lucky she has time in her day to recruit for us.

In Veronica’s interview, we spent around 20 minutes showing each other photos of our dogs, so it was obviously a very easy yes.

How many cars have you written off in one go? A normal question passed around the office desk. Veronica’s answer is 18. 18 cars in one go. Wasn’t funny at the time but she can laugh it off now.

In her spare time Veronica teaches Yoga and is currently studying her masters in Pyscho Hypnotherapy. This office has more issues than Vogue, so she will be put to great use from day one.


Dan - Finance & Banking Consultant

Dan Beecher aka Danny B. Like everyone* else from OX Seven, he comes from Brackley. Dan joined us after a successful career in a major finance organisation, because why wouldn’t you?

Before starting, Dan made us wait 2 months before he would join the team so he could go gallivanting down under. His favourite things to do whilst he relived his youth was drink stubbies in the sunshine and frolic in waterfalls in New Zealand.

Dan is a wildly passionate and honorary founding member of Brackley Curry Club. He wasn’t invited to the first meet (which he isn’t allowed to forget – nor is he bitter about) but he has never missed one since. That is every single curry meet, every single month since 2005. The curry house even got them personalised t-shirts for their dedication.

*Only Will and Adam are from Brackley, but they’re slowly building the ‘old boys club’ Ainsley and Mollie know they both desperately desire. Dom moved there so he could join in.


You? - Recruitment Consultant

We are creating something truly special at OX Seven, but this is only possible if we have the best people working for us.

We are always interested speaking to people who want to work for us (it strokes Will’s ego), so please give him a call on 01608 670531, drop him an email at will@ox-seven.com or find another suitable channel of communication.