Lisa is not a robot

So Lisa is not a robot but she has been banned from Linkedin. She has just done so much damn head hunting that they think she is not real.

Pretty funny as this is her first experience on a social media platform and this is how they treat her.

Believe me, Lisa is so very real, a real Northern lass, who works hard, drinks loads of coffee and swears lots. But I love her. She is my new Recruitment resourcer and my friend of 2 years.

She has been working at OX seven for 3 weeks now and it feels like she has always been here. She has never worked in a company like ours. No straight lines, no square edges and with limitless potential.

Sometimes she needs subtitles so that you can understand what she is saying, but she is super smart and dead clever. Some of her best words include:

Twisting – moaning

Aye – yes

Why aye man – of course

You’ll get wrong from me – I’ll be annoyed with you

Bairns – kids

To quote her ”I cant get my head round when everyone just gets up to leaves and its only 4 o’clock!” you are never early for work and you can never be late because we have flexible working hours.

And working from home is like “living the dream” Lisa comes to mine on a Thursday and we work from 8am to 11am then I go teach my Yoga class and she is left with two dogs and three cats and the telly on. I come back at 1.15pm and take her for a pub lunch and we get back to work at 2 ish for a few hours.

Work should be fun and as adults you should be trusted and given the freedom to choose your working week.

Ox Seven is like a breath of fresh air, a grown up company where employees are allowed to grow and be the best they can be, to express themselves, earn money and work reasonable hours and have fun.

I feel we are going to have a good year in the Health & Wellness sector and at Ox Seven. 2020 is the year of the rat. The Chinese believe its going to be a prosperous one.



Will Grashoff

Managing Director

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