The best day of the month

To most people yesterday was just another Thursday, but to me it was the first Thursday of the month, which means one thing – Curry Club!

This tradition started almost 15 years ago, when 3 workmates (I was not one of these and I’m not allowed to forget it) had a couple of beers after work on a Thursday night and ended up in a curry house.

A month later, the same group (with me in Dom’s place, sorry Dom!) went for a curry and the tradition started that day – well, officially a month earlier but hey, who cares right?!

We really do take Curry Club seriously and actually run it like a good business…

Firstly we located a head office by trying all the local curry houses; settling on the one that served the best food and that paid for the shirts we’d designed, true story!

Like all good business, recruitment is a vital part of Curry Club. We carefully vet all potential new members, collect references, conduct trial days, ensure all potential new members understand our values so they can make an informed decision, then make offers to successful candidates.

Just like in business, roles are appointed to each member, from “risk assessment” (trying a different curry each month and reporting back to the class), to the treasurer, who collects everyone’s £35 at the beginning of the night, “pays the man”, banks whatever is leftover (yes, we have a bank account) at the end of the night and then uses the kitty money to fund our Christmas outing at the end of the year.

In summary, take pride in your recruitment process as both a business and a candidate; make sure the fit is right for both parties and surround yourself with great people that share your values. If you do all of these things correctly, you too could be looking back in 15 years time, saying to yourself, “I bloody love Curry Club”.

Danny B

Dan Beecher

Finance & Banking Consultant

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