“That’s mental, innit”

How often do things live up to expectations? I speak for myself when I say rarely.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you learn from it and all that. Some of us can’t wear a messy bun and not look like Miss Trunchbull, but you never know until you try. Marriage isn’t getting home to freshly baked treats and a roast every Sunday, but again, gotta put a ring on it to find that out.

I can’t think of a day that Dom hasn’t loudly proclaimed “they’ve got the job” when he’s skimmed over a CV for a second and got over excited. Chances are, they haven’t got the job and they probably won’t even pick up the phone when he calls, but hey.

No point getting all sad about it, because in recruitment that’s a daily struggle. Why would you possibly answer the phone or return a message after uploading your CV on to a database in the hope someone approaches you about a well good job? Silly thought, right?

Not everything is going to live up to your expectations. Mainly because that is all they are, your own expectations. How can things always meet something which is probably pretty unrealistic? Even more – how could they surpass that?

I’m a girl of simple pleasures. Like yesterday, I had bought four two litre bottles of water from Asda for about a quid. Eight litres was cheaper to buy than a 75cl. Stupid. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve bought more plastic to ruin the environment with and it cost me less money?

Not only did I get bare water for my buck, I opened it and it exploded everywhere. It was so full that the pressure of opening it caused it to just go everywhere and all I could do was take a picture and say “that’s mental, innit”. Annoying but pretty great.

When do you ever get anything so full? Nothing worse than buying a pack of flaming hot monster munch and having about 4 feet in there.

Either way, it’s common for things to not end up how you expected. Whether it’s in your personal life, work or a delicious snack you were so looking forward to, it happens to the best of us. There’s no point letting it get you down.

Nice one Elmhurst Spring, you really outdid yourselves. Look at that meniscus.

Mollie Adams

Content Marketing Manager

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