Wake up and smell the extra holiday pay

There are few things I like more in the world than fresh bedsheets on a Friday… one of those being fresh bedsheets on a Thursday because it’s a bank holiday weekend and ya girl’s got tan all over the bed.

A lot of people will be counting down the hours until later today when they can pop that ‘I’m probably going to read your email I’m just happy to have an excuse not to reply’ out of office message on.

It must be so draining. I say that as if I’ve never felt that way about work before, of course I have, but I just quit and moved to the sunny Gold Coast, drank bottled CC and dry on the regs and ate Mexican food like burritos were in a national shortage crisis and I’d just found a boat full.

“Yeah ok Mollie I’ll just quit and move abroad because I don’t like my job great solution cool thanks”. It’s not an option for everyone, but I’d have left either way. It would bring out my migraines, make me dread getting up and I’d clock watch until I could leave again. Who wants that?

And to be fair, I also didn’t work somewhere with benefits that made me want to stay.

I’d work every Saturday (and Sunday if I couldn’t get the cover cause my supervisor was being a guffball), worked all Christmas, I’d never even heard of Easter until a few weeks ago and I’m not sure if I was ever authorised a day of my holiday for one reason or another.

In a world where companies are striving to be better than one another, why would you want to be stuck at the one getting left behind? Sure you’ve been there 10 years and you’re dead cert that it’s going down the shitter and you’ll get a redundancy pay out soon, sure the people you work with make it bearable and sure that 20 days holiday plus actually taking off the bank holidays is better than working them – but why should it end there?

OX Seven are forever reading peoples adverts, looking through companies’ packages (not their mail, unless it’s an ASOS then I’d probably consider it) and seeing where we can improve our offering.

Shouldn’t everywhere be like this? Why wouldn’t you want to be an employer of choice in the area with staff are happy where they are and not scrolling through indeed every night crying into their sweet and salted?

I know some companies may struggle to implement change due to size/budgets/whatever other excuse they’ve got, but c’mon it’s 2019 let’s move people.

As Mother Teresa once said, “you should want to work somewhere that makes you happy to change your bedsheets on a Tuesday night, cause getting out of bed on hump day ain’t no thing”.

If you don’t like your job, change it. Call us, we’ll have something better.



M x

Adam Williams

Technical & Engineering Consultant

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